You earn $0.20 on each prescription they purchase. This can really add up since many people purchase two, three or more prescriptions month after month. You also earn $0.20 on the prescription purchases from the family and friends that your referrals have shared the app with through 6 layers or levels of referrals.

To qualify for the Rx Utilization Revenue Program you must share this App with a minimum of 10 people.  Each time a referral uses the app at a participating pharmacy for a qualified purchase, you earn money.  Here is an example of how you would be paid based upon having everyone in your organization share the app with 10 people through 6 levels and then everyone in the same organization purchasing a prescription.

Get started now by sharing the App with a minimum of 10 people.  If those 10 people do the same you will have another 100 people in your organization.  If those 100 people do the same you will have another 1000 people in your organization and so on. As this process continues with 10 people sharing the RX Plus app with 10 people, you could have 1,000,000 people on your 6th level!

Compensation Plan Disclaimer

Any earnings information, statements regarding income, or testimonials and examples are used in the Rx Utilization Revenue plan solely to explain the Company’s compensation plan and are not representations or guarantees of any earnings or income.  Actual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors, including an Associate’s individual efforts and skills.  The Company does not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income or any success in sharing with other Associates.